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Default Re: Do these belong to you?

True. It should be common sense and courtesy. Unfortunately, only half of the population was blessed with such... and that's being generous.

Originally Posted by BlessedMom View Post
I understand your point, but one of the boutiques she took several pictures from has this posted on all of her albums:

"Please respect that all these photos are the intellectual property of That's So Cute Boutique. Do not copy or use our photos without permission. Thank you. All items can be purchased at"

In my opinion, that was a fair warning to anyone who chooses to use her pictures without permission that it is not o.k. I realize flaming her wall seems harsh, but if my DD's picture was on there I would be furious. I shouldn't have to tell someone they can't put my child's picture on their FB without my permission. That should be common sense and courtesy.
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