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Default Re: How to make a headband?

I can't lie, when I first read this post, the first thing that came to my mind was this was an innocent question (which was true) but once I saw Senior Member under your name, I thought someone trying to make a mockery of others who have "burned their biscuits" in the past. I'm sorry It's actually very nice to hear someone who is successful still have to ask a genuine question every now and then...With headbands, if I can sew the ends and if the whatever fabric I'm using will allow me to, I take the ends of the material, overlap and glue them on top of eachother by about 1/2, horizontally. Then take a scrap/matching color ribbon a wrap that around vertically, of the ends you just glued. That way, you can either glue is loose enough to allow the HB to be interchangeable with a loop, and/or it bunches up the center (some prefer this look) and it covers the not so appealing ends that are glued.. Oh, and I prefer FOE elastic or nylon HTH
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