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Default Re: Anyone know this Kanzashi fold?

Originally Posted by Danie_Edwards View Post
So I looked, those are very beautiful looks like the stacked Kanzashi flowers to me its a cute idea love the tye dye , price, not so much! Did you read her profile? I might have read it incorrectly but I swear it said she's only 1 of 5 people in Japan that can make a Kanzashi flower lol.

You know, I think I saw something about that somewhere. That she was professionally trained by a master of the craft or something. That's really cool, but I think some of us can still make some really pretty kanzashi too! I didn't know that she patented something though. Maybe I should have read more. Will have to check that out I guess...?

I think you ladies are right about it being an organza circle that was pleated. Holy crap that would take a long time!! I don't mind dyeing the fabric myself to create cool effects, but the pleating would probably make me crazy.

Thanks for all the help!!
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