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Default Re: How to make a headband?

Originally Posted by JodiR View Post
This is a real question. I truly have no idea what to use to make headbands. I am so insulted. I am sorry you all find it funny.

I have a retail store and am opening a kiosk of just hair things and want to make some of my own. I buy wholesale here from alot of people.
If someone can help me with my question I would appreciate it.
I apologize. Sometimes there are threads on here making fun of newbie questions. From the pp responses, I thought this was one of those.

It is very easy to make these headbands. Whether you use FOE, skinny elastic or other stretchy material. Cut it to a specific size, sew the ends together and then cover the seam with a matching ribbon or the same fabric. I know there are tutorials with the FOE on the forum someplace. Just search for it and it will pop up. It is the one by Maeve. Good luck!

ETA: You can also search for a general sizing guideline on here or look on etsy.

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