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Default Re: Free Bottle Cap Templates

Originally Posted by miniaturequilts View Post
I will remove myself from the forum so as not to incur further insults. However, I could also post my quotes received from Amanda in regards to assistance (less than happy at being bothered for the minimal $5 she charges in her own words - you other customers do not know what is said behind your backs). If we are going to post nasty quotes, let us post them all. I needed another template from ANOTHER seller because my first which I bought because of all the forum recommendations from THIS forum HERE turned out to be less than desired. Etsy purple8p not only did not make me feel small at answering multiples of questions, she also provided me with additional templates at no extra charge. She truly went ABOVE and beyond the call of help; never once while e-mailing her (before I even purchased anything) did I receive anything but patience and lengthy replies. I certainly have no credibility here - I asked Amanda for customer service and pointed out the weaknesses of her directions to which she AGREED and said she was going to modify. If the directions were so good, they should not have needed modification. I also pointed out she was infringing on Disney copyright by using Disney images in her tutorial which she was very upset over. The whistleblower is not very liked by anyone. This is a case of "He said, she said"; as Grannie said, the truth is usually halfway in-between. I can also recommend (should anyone be interested) Etsy MajikDesign for selling image sheets - her service was also above and beyond.
And if she's easier to manipulate for free products to avoid you trashing her name - yay!! But for the rest of us, I'll think we'll stick with Amanda.

Ummm...I don't make bottlecaps or even really know Amanda, but I'm on her side.
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