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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

Originally Posted by noahsmom8497 View Post
You know, the whole modeling this has been one huge frustration! For every package I sent out, less than half the time was I thrilled with the pictures.
I honestly think the best thing to do is find a great photographer, a busy photgrapher, who you can work with one on one, all the time.
I'm in the process of doing just that. Some of my best pics. have been photographers who bought my items and surprised me with pictures I didn't even know were coming. In some instances, I didn't even know they were photographers until I got pics. back!
I'm so done with any of these agencies! Not just the agencies, but other photographers making huge promises, showing their best work, then disappointing.
I agree!!! I have one more package that I need to send out and then I'm done with the agencies too. I was thinking of taking some basic photog classes myself at least it'll be an investment for me and not give away my hard earn money away.. idk..
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