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Default Re: Free Bottle Cap Templates

Originally Posted by Amanda357 View Post
Thanks everyone I know what you are trying to do Nancy but really, as you can see you seem to be the only person that has a problem with my tutorial....I went above and beyond to walk you through step by step, I am very sorry you feel the need to resort to these tactics because I wouldn't provide you with a free guitar pick template...which doesn't make sense if my templates suck, I don't know why you would try to blackmail me for a free one...
" I am really unhappy; the directions in the document were more minimal than detailed step by step. If you want to just send the guitar pick template (which is the only free template I did not find), I don't need any other size templates (I even have hearts) we'll call it even and I will refrain from posting my free links in all those forums, but that is up to you."

Why do you need a free one if my templates are so awful?
I never stated who I bought from; there are several Etsy sellers and some internet stores selling tutorials. And I purchased from 5 different sellers; I found Etsy purple8p to have the best directions. I particularly liked her directions on using an over-sized image under a template since my pictures are not small enough to use - I can move them around with ease. And she included your choice of 3 template sizes (anything from 1/2" circles to scrabble squares and pendant sizes) with her tutorial. All for $4; she may not be a member of the board, but there are other options out there for anyone who has not already purchased.
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