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Default FINALLY! I made a twisted boutique bow

& it sort of looks like its supposed to! I have had the TOTTS directions for months now. I tried & tried this bow following the video instructions and NEVER could get it. Dh even tried it for me & he almost got it, but not quite. After giving up at least once a month, I finally read on this forum, that the "by hand" instructions might be easier. So, I thought, "yeah, right" but decided to look 'em up and try any way. I got it on the first try! It's not perfect and my tails look awkward to me, but it's definitely easier for me. Thank you awesome ladies! I never thought I would get it. Now I'm tying away, practice, practice, practice. I feel like the master of my universe. (whatever that means)
Woohoo! Gotta go try that again. I'll post a pic, when I get one taken, too excited to stop now!

A tip for any other ladies who have these instructions & can't master this bow. Go dig out your cd, find the .pdf file and try it by hand without the bowmaker. It worked for me.
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