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Default Re: Bottlecap necklaces

eye pins are a nice alternative - on their own for a different look at the bottom or for attaching more beads or charms. head and eye pins are really a lot cheaper to buy than make unless you want to make pure sterling silver. just know what you buy - a lot of cheap tarnishing stuff on ebay and etsy. look for the silver plated on surgical steel base pins (not brass - they tarnish). if you still want to make your own use Beadsmith brand beading wire - lots of gauges; use a heavy gauge for pins. i get a lot of supplies from firemountaingems dot com and rings-n-things. you can be sure of your base metal from them. Oh yeah, and if you make your own pins from a beading wire like Beadsmith, invest in the plastic coated jewelry pliers to keep your wire safe while shaping - regular jewelry pliers can damage the wire if worked too much.
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