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Default Re: Help me please! ? About Spikes!

Originally Posted by snmhxf View Post
No I sure dont.. Ill try and remember to take pics next time but let me see if this is a little more clear

1. Stack Pre-Cut/heat sealed spikes directly on top of each other so you can only see the top ribbon.

2. Pick up entire stack and fold inhalf

3. Place pin or needle through middle of stack of all spikes

4. fan spikes out to get them to look how you want

5. Use wood burner to melt the layers together in the middle ( I do this with the pin still in it)

6. Flip over so the back of the spikes is face up

7. use wood burner to cut slits in the top and bottom of the middle of the spikes (where they all over lap)(where the center ribbon would go through)
** slits are 1/4" to 1/2" on each side depending on width of ribbon for spikes.

8. glue all pieces together

9. wrap with center ribbon, making sure it goes through the pre-cut slits.

10. Pretty Bow

Hope that made it a little easier. Again PM me if you want pics as I prob wont think to check here again!

Thanks so much!

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