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i think it really depends on how you're going to wear it. if you're going to want it to keep your hair back or stand on it's own, then you may want the lining or else it may slip out. but if you're doing a pigtail or bun or what not and are just using the clip as an accent, it could stay in your hair without.

that's why i'm a fan of the partial lining. the top is lined and is finished, but the bottom still slides in your hair. i only use clippies on my DD (and me sometimes) to finish off pigtails, ponytails, or buns, so the unlined bottom is preferable. HTH! and it's just my humble opinion

Originally Posted by Mrs.M View Post
Interesting info about the unlined clip. Do they stay in better without the lining? I like the lining because you can match it to the flower or the hair and it's not so obvious, but they don't always stay in like they should.
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