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Default Re: Cutting and sealing ribbon with a woodburner

Originally Posted by jbarrow0811 View Post
I got all of mine from michaels but I think if this one breaks I will try the one from walmart...I have gone through 2 of the purple ones that michaels sells...the first one died on me all of a sudden so I went and got another one because now I can't live without it...then after a month the same kind (purple one) died on me again Well this 3rd one is the I think cheapest one at michaels, its turquoise and I don't think it gets as hot as the purple one so it is not my favorite one but it will do for now. As for the tip I love the slanted one does take some getting used to but I mine!
This is the one I have as well. I had to replace it too. The first one just stopped working! One day I went to turn it on, did a few things until it heated up and when I came back it was still cold! I was having a panic attack thinking about having to use a lighter.

However, I brought the first one back and told them that it just died (it was only like 4 or 5 months old) and they said that if they have one in stock then I can just replace it.
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