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Default Re: What is this style of bow called????

These always throw me off..It sure it cute though! Are you asking about all of them or just the topper? The big blue is a 6 loop (and 1 tail) Pinwheel..Even though it's probably super easy, I cheat and make the regular 4 loop pinwheel, then make a 2 loop pinwheel, or I call a tuxedo bow because it has no tails, and glue/wire/sew (whatever works) it above or beneath your 4 loop pinwheel...Just make sure the loop sizes all match. I go back and add in tails that way too, since my tails are never right. She definately looks like she knows what she's doing -so my guess is she made that Bow(s) not trying to achieve just one specific style, but a freehanded mix of everything..? Some loops face differently-some sit like a TBB and some like a bb/pinwheel. But I could be very wrong. Maybe try just a BB instead since it's similar to the pinwheel..And if you can figure out the extra 6 loops w/ tails down, you can always add them in like I was saying earlier..
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