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Default Re: Question for those who use modeling agencies

Originally Posted by Fuschia View Post
I had a very silly question to ask to those who use modeling agencies (Ellie Bean, Adora, LTD, etc)

Say for example you started selling a new flower. You purchased the flower in 8 different colors. Do you just have the flower modeled in one color or do you send out 8 different flowers?

It varies by the boutique. Some send them out in each different color, some send one or two or three out and then just take a photo of the 8 together laying by each other nicely, to show the color options.

It really depends on how you want to list them when you sell them. If you want to list them for sale separated by color, listing each color of the item separate like some do on would be better off having every color modeled..... or if you want to list the item as a whole for sale as the item itself, you can send 1-3 out to be modeled and post a few pictures of a couple diff colors being modeled and a photo of all the colors side by side for options of color choices.

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