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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Originally Posted by sillyitiliangrl View Post
I don't think I've seen this posted yet.... I have been running across a lot of wrinkled ribbon. I didn't want to pull out the iron and the ironing board, then I rememberd my hair straighter that I have never used, it has an adjustable heat setting, and it has worked perfectly as a ribbon iron, and takes up almost no room on my work area!
I have a mini-hair straightener and keep it with my woodburner and hot glue gun when making my bows. Sometimes I fold the end of my ribbon over to make the V cut, I seem to always have that tiny crease at the center of the V, which bothers me . I pick up my mini-hair straightener, clamp down on the end and I have a nice straight end on my spikes or whatever else I've used the V cut for.

When setting up for a show, I will also take my mini-hair straightener with me. I may have to use it to touch up any bows that may not have traveled as easily as I had hoped for.
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