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Default Re: a few tutu questions!

Originally Posted by TutusforYOU View Post
I use books! LOL! It works awesome. I've done one on my thigh once and didn't care for it. I have a ton of books -- and as a Chemistry grad student, a ton of HUGE textbooks that are great for larger sizes.

I hate the larger knots that more strips give so I only use one strip at a time and I use bolt tulle and cut mine 4" wide. I just tie them close to together and then go in and fill in after I'm done. Here's an example of one, I get them fairly full too with that method.
(I've made this tutu 7 times and while I loved it the first couple of times, I'm tired of making it, LOL!!! But people LOVE IT)

Good luck and welcome!
good idea! (books and doing the 1 knot alternative)
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