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Default a few tutu questions!

hey mamas!! this is my first post im relatively new to tutu making and im sending my first tester for an awesome online store!!! and i have a few questions i was hoping someone could help out with and give me some ideas.

this tutu that im sending out is my first bigger waist and it was too big for the roll of paper towels. i ended up using 2 alligator clips to gather the excess elastic so it was smaller and fit the paper towels but im looking for some ideas of other items. i know some mamas use their thigh but im not comfortable doing that, very well could be because im 8 months preggo hahaha, and i dont have a dress form. i looked through my kitchen and downstairs looking for other things to use and couldnt come up with anything. so what else do you use? being so preggo and uncomfortable, the best place for me when i work on the tutus is on the couch, not sure if that makes a difference in suggestions.

my other question is how many layers do you usually do? i started right from the begining using 2 layers. i use the square knot and 2 strips at a time so its a double layer. just curios what others usually do.

thanks mamas
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