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Originally Posted by grammyj View Post
Huh? I am lost on that one. I think this is why I don't sell my bows, just make them for my grand daughters.
okay . . . let's try this explanation . . . the vertical ribbon is the one you're gonna wrap around the bow/clip.

take another piece of ribbon and put your slide on it and hold it horizontal to the ribbon above.

kinda like the letter t . . . 1st ribbon is vertical . . . 2nd ribbon w/slide is horizontal. wrap the horizontal ribbon tails to the back of your vertical ribbon and glue!

all you're basically doing is rotating the slide 90 degrees.

to answer your other ? (don't know how to double quote) . . . when the slider bar is skinny/thin, i take a 3rd piece of ribbon w/double sided tape and line the back of the horizontal ribbon so the slide stays put! it's much much easier to then glue onto the bow (or vertical ribbon if you want to reorient the direction). also try using a wider piece of ribbon that goes thru the slide - that helps fill the gaps/makes the slider bar less noticeable.

sometimes i put a 3/8" slide on 5/8" foe and then i use 3/8" grosgrain (w/double sided tape) on the back to line it/keep the slide in place/foe doesn't stretch.

if you like, i can try to take a pic this week if you don't understand the above!
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