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Originally Posted by mommy0305 View Post
It took me well over a year to perfect my TBB. I don't use templates, just freehand with the figure 8 method...but practice deff makes it better/perfect. I think overall they are just pain-in-the-butt bows. Just don't give up on it, you'll be so proud once you get them the way you want it to look!ETA: here's a link to instructions using the figure 8 method, I want to say they use to have different pictures than that. You can also look on youtube and find videos of how to make twisted boutique bows.

That has been there for a long time. Glad you were able to figure it out using that method. I like to have a small tail on my TBB so I do them the traditional way. There is another way that is similar to the traditional but I had so much trouble with it. It was off of Totts.

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