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Default Tutu help!! I'm about to lose my mind!!!

I'm a relatively new to the tutu making addiction, but even so, I am truly addicted! I have an issue that is driving me insane and I am hoping that one (or more) of you pro's out there will give me a little advice before I end up in the looney bin!!
As a hairstylist, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to straight lines, I have to be or else I'd be out of a career!! It seems that I CANNOT, for the life of me, get the bottom 'hem' of my tutu's perfectly straight. I trim them, and they look nice and straight, even, etc. and then out of nowhere, I see a longer piece here and there and its making me crazy!!! I have attached a pic of a tutu dress I made last night and a close up of the bottom 'hem'. This is AFTER I've trimmed it, actually a few times, because of the 'strays'. I make sure its 'combed' out straight from the top, nothing bunched up underneath, but this happens EVERY time! What am I doing wrong?????
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