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Default Re: Is there an age limit?

I believe that no child over 12 months should be topless..... i have seen a child on a modeling agency page that had to be 3 or 4 at least and was wearing a tutu, shoes, and nothing else and i was completely appalled at that photo, and i couldn't believe that the parent allowed it, the photographer allowed it, and the modeling agency approved it enough to post it on their page, that last one really made me think twice about listing with that company that they would approve such a photo and not immediately request a reshoot.

Originally Posted by Bits&Scraps View Post
Is there an age limit as to when you need a shirt on a little girl for pictures? Looking through etsy today I came across some listings for tutu's where there is a little girl with just a tutu on, front shot, and the little girl looks to me like she is at least 2, I thought after 6 months you couldn't show that? These pics just really rub me the wrong way. Thoughts anyone?

ps, I am not posting a link because I don't want to offend or point fingers at anyone should this person be a member on here.
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