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Default Re: Bottlecap question

I stopped using the light because it would make it look cloudy, I think it leaves like black smoke on it if you leave it too long. I only put the resin on the image not really on the cap because if I do I can't control it running down the side.

To get rid of bubbles I make the bottle caps, then walk away from them for about 20 minutes. When you come back most of the bubbles should have gathered in the middle of the cap, get a straw and lightly blow on each cap with it, not too hard or the resin will flow over. Sometimes there is still 1 or two bubbles that haven't come to the surface yet, I use a toothpick on those and then blow on it again to smooth it out. Sometimes I come back a second time to check for bubbles again. This has been the best method I have tried.
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