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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Awesome tips....Here are a few of mine...

I keep a jar of Noxema around for burns. Surprisingly, it immediately takes the burn away from the worst burns *even the wood burning tool*

For those who sew, a microfiber cloth helps pick up stray threads and I always keep a refridgerator magnet by my machine to set my pins on as I sew. I don't drop any on the floor anymore...

I make cheer bows a lot and instead of using something like heat and bond to fuse my fabric (sequin, fat quarters, etc), I use spray adhesive. I lay out my fabric, wrong side up, and spray it with adhesive (do over newspaper). Then I lay my strips of ribbon on it and press down. Let dry for a few minutes and then cut out with a rotary tool and cutting mat.

You can also use glitter eyeshadow (sold at dollar stores) and mix it in with your spray starch to give your bows a little extra shine.
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