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Default Re: Chiffon Flower TUT HELP!

Originally Posted by knottyspoolgirl View Post
Oh I guess that would help!

Um Geri you know I seem to be leaving things out of my messages lately!

Okay, the first one I want to learn to make myself with just tulle or printed satin.. or whatever works.

The second one shows the chiffon flower. I want to see if I can find a way to make this bigger.
I'm thinking on the chiffon I should just get tulle and bunch it and sew in ruffles to put at the base so they come up from the sides for a wider one but not sure how it will look. Plus it's hard to sew.
Surely a match to the chiffon in fabric will be tough
I know

First one - seen some paid tuts on etsy and some free - let me have a look and find it for ya.

Second one looks like frayed flower cut from mesh back... - don't know 'bout that one....

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