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Default Re: How to get started!

JUSTDAISY on here has a great tutorial! very easy to follow and worth money. When i first started over 2 yrs ago.. WOW did i go bizerk on ribbon... i bought from here there and everywhere.. i would say stick to buying your solids from one place that way you can always have the same colors. one company's pink will be slightly off. good sites to buy the solid grosgrain is ribbons and bows oh my, ribbon retreat, hairbowcenter,im sure a few others.. they all good prices on ribbon and its all by 5 yards. perfect for your little ones. once u wan to get in to prints those companies also have really cute ones.. also etsy girls offer unique prints at a higher price.. but usually u cant find those prints elsewhere especially if they print them themselves. buy what you need for the moment. For instance halloween is comming up so puchase specifics that you would buy for those bows. as for embelshments. those companies listed above also sell flatback resin. or you can always join a group buy and buy just what u need. downside of that is risk and wait time. good luck with everything : )

Marcie Robles
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