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Default Chiffon Flower TUT HELP!

Everyone loves chiffon and tulle.
SO I get a bunch of requests for the tulle puff flowers made a different way. This week I had requests for
tulle (like the mesh) only in two colors
tulle (like the mesh ones also) only in solid color
so NO satin in these.
Then I had requests for colors we don't have yet. Nothing any hg members have picked up on so far.

Then there's the chiffon.
Can you make them smaller?
Yes. I purchased some
Can you make them larger?
So is there a way to make a larger chiffon flower with what we have or someone who distributes the same shabby flowers in larger size in ALL colors?
If so I want them all!

Does anyone actually sell a tutorial for the satin and mesh? I wouldn't know what it would be called or where to find it!! I worry that I'd pick up the wrong one!

hellp helllp! these could be big sellers here in my neck of the woods!
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