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Default Re: Petti-tutu question

Originally Posted by Bushlander View Post
Will try and explain it for you. You don't just tie the "tie" onto the tulle strip of your tutu. You have to wrap your tie around the tulle strip, then bring the tulle strip of your tutu up and over the now doubled-up tie and then tie your knot with the top part of the tulle strip of your tutu (the tulle above the wrapped around tie). That way your tie won't fall off. Here's a few pics of my petti tutus. They are 8" long, sewn with two layers of tulle and there's lots and lots of fluff. Hence my business name, Fluffy Stuff!
I just had to stop by and say wow those are super full great job.

and to the poster I use slip knot for tulle that goes around the waist band and square knot for everything else hth
<3 Danie
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