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Default Re: Glazes for bottle caps? HELP!

Did you have any trouble with the Mod Podge DM cracking or causing any distortion to the image after a while? Did you print your image on paper or photo paper?

I just did some and they look great but just found out from someone else that using this Mod Podge Dimensional Magic is not good and it will be a problem in time. I want to make sure I am ok to give the bow to the customer.

Please let me know your experience was with this.

Originally Posted by mrsking14 View Post
I am new to making bottle caps and have done some with the image in the bottle cap using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. I like it. However, it only comes in small bottles and I'm wanting something that comes in larger bottles because I use quite a bit of it.

I also want to do images on top of the caps but never tried it and want to know what I'm doing and what is best to use for it.

I've read on here that many of you use an adhesive to or make your images into stickers before doing a glaze. Is buying the $8 sticker maker easier? I imagine it becomes expensive to do that. If you adhere them, what do you use that works best?

Also, what glaze do you use? I hear all about Diamond Glaze but cannot find it anywhere at my craft stores and even online it's sold out in the larger bottles on almost every site I find or it's $20 for a 10oz. bottle. Any cheaper suggestions, or is it worth the $20?

Help!!! I'm also going to purchase the tutorial for GIMP from Amanda today to start making my own images.
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