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Default Re: dye your own FOE?

Originally Posted by ERIKA_fAZ View Post
How much was your white foe when you bought that many yards?

I'm talking to a manufacturer about having some produced for about $.15 per yard...the hard part is the minimum order is 20 , 144 yard spools.

I'll post here along w/ the other thread once I get samples and decide if I'm going to go ahead w the order.

I'm thinking what I would do is order the white in bulk, and cut them to size for adjustable headbands (and heat seal them), then dye 20 or so at a time... (I use a pickle jar and Rit) then as I need them I would just dye more...

It would only probably take 1/4 package of Rit (or less) as long as I stocked some dye, it would give me really good control of my inventory... Tons of White, and just a handful of other colors, I would never have to worry about running out as long as I kept my white in stock.

I'm also trying to see where the best place to buy RIT at cheaper prices is...

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