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Default Re: So I took the advice I received here....

It looks better than the last one. Although your last one was pretty good for a someone new to this. On the bow (TBB) you need to make your loops in a 90 degree angle. So instead of a short wide "x" you are going to try to make them look like a tall skinny "X". You can use a Sally Clip or Gator Bite to help you secure the loops when you are done so you can cinch your center. I like to run a needle and thread through the center and then wrap it around and secure it in the back. Your surrounds should be no more than 1" longer than the ribbon you used to make your TBB. So if you used 24" of 7/8" ribbon to make your TBB then use about 25" of 3/8" for the surrounds. Your spikes look just need to make sure they are fanned out evenly. I would not use anything smaller than the size of your bow. So if you used 7/8" ribbon for your bow dont go smaller than 7/8" for your spikes. Now you can layer your spikes if you like with smaller ribbon but your main base for spikes should not be smaller than the ribbon used for your bow. As for Fray check. Careful with it because it will leave stains on some brands of ribbon. I would just go buy new tips for your woodburner.
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