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Default Re: So I took the advice I received here....

Originally Posted by cackysanda View Post
Getting better You're TBB still needs some practice..pull the loops way apart and make a super wide x before you sew it and maybe make the surrounds smaller....and I make my bees go the other way, but that could just be a preference thing....
Thanks! I am still working on the TBB bows, it took me a year of trying about once a week to finally make one that was "passable". and for the bee... yeah idk why I didnt like it the other way on the bow, so i flipped it

Originally Posted by ammperry2 View Post
The bow looks great! You need to redo the antennas though! Try some fray check or a woodburner to keep from having all those edges.
I used my wood burner, but the tip of mine is all messed up, i need to get a new one, i should try the fray check for them though, thanks!
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