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Default Re: Cheer bow pattern question

Originally Posted by Danie_Edwards View Post
ok so heres the deal, Im making some sample cheer bows for a local squad, Im going to make them a few sample bows in different designs to see which one suits them best and I really want to make one like this in their colors, like you see how the zebra and the pink fabrics on that one side are like big and then little, I -think- I know how its done...thats a big -think- lol, can someone please explain it to me? or maybe send me a link to where i can figure it out...because I think it looks awesome, and I would like to throw that out there in one of their options if its possible

Thanks in advance for any help
It is done using a template. The wave is done to only one half of the bow. The zebra layer is done the same way but about 1/2" narrower so the effect is staggered.

It takes some work, but once you get your templates for each layer perfected, it's quite easy. My avatar is the bow I am using this season for my Mitey Mite squad. It is one of my favorite bows to make.
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