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Default Re: Questions regarding cheer bows

Cheer bows should be stiff, regardless of the child's age, the bigger, straighter higher the bow the better! For layering ribbon you can use double sided filet tape, althought I still mainly use HNB lite. Vinyl is iron on vinyl by the same makers of the HNB. That is mainly used for fabrics and you fuse that to the fabric and then glue it to the ribbon. I personally don't use the vinyl, I think it is pricey and I haven't found a need for it.

If you are using fabric you would need to use HNB or Vinyl. When you are fusing them I only use HNB on one side: ie I put the HNB on the fabric, cut it to shape/size and iron that onto the untreated ribbon. If I am using E6000 I put the glue along the edges of the ribbon.

The more layers you have the stiffer they will get.
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