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Default Re: Best Cutting System???

Well for the money, if I knew then what I know know, and before I purchased 6 cutters, machines from either of these companies would have been my top picks.

Black Cat Cougars

Dawn, Sherry and Rach are the customer service team for this company and they are 100% golden.

Klic N Kut

Sandy, Chad and Fred are your rep for this company and they are 100% golden as well.

now with the exception of the Zing you will find the machines offered by these 2 companies to be very similiar. So you can't lose going with either one. The BC-Lnyx vs the KNK Groove, or the BC Cougars vs the KNKMax.

The cutters I would choose from next and in "buy" order are

The KNK Zing at $400-link is above. With this one since I have no first hand knowledge, I am going strictly by the reputation of the manufactor and software developer. Since this machine hasn't been released yet, as much as I trust the company behind it, I want to see it in action and see the reviews of actual user. I am excited about this cutter.

The Boss Kutz Gazalle- $400-450 -
I do have this one. Terry is your customer service rep and like the others is 100%. I tried cutting some unstiffed felt but didn't have great results, but I have to admit I didn't prep things and did set the cutter up to fail. I'll give it another shot. Here's my pitiful blog fabric cutting project-, eventually I'll get back to it, but I only created it for the MTC blog hop.

The Pazzles Inspiration $600, but check out the $99.00 promo. Klo is your guru for this one. Geez, even though I do not need this cutter it is so hard to pass up with this promo. For anyone using the Cricut, this is the machine most like it but without the cartridges. The blade housing is actually the same as the Cricut deep cut blade, Pazzles help Provo develope this cutter. Pazzles cutting ability surpasses Cricuts.

Most of cutters above can/do come with a modified version of winsignpc/funtime software-specific to the cutter.(the Zing only comes with make the cut, the BC's can be purchased without any software) But what I love about it, is that all work Make The Cut Software. If you have read my other post, you may get sick of me saying it, BUT...I absolutely love this software.

As for finding designs there are thousands upon thousands of images out there. For free and to purchase Only thing is that some sellers have limitations on usage, i.e.-they don't want you to use their images on items you sell. So check the terms of use before buying.

This is my absolute favorite place for cute clipart, - Trina is the owner of this site and guess what, she's a 100% golden!!! Once you buy the clipart you can pretty much use it as you want. She has a very liberal commercial use policy. With MTC these can quickly be made into appliques. If you can digitize they'll make excellent embroidery files.

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