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Default Re: Best Cutting System???

Originally Posted by Paupau View Post
If you look back through this topic I've made a few post about electronic cutters and software. My lastest post was about the soon to be released Zing. This looks to be a very promising cutter. The customer service reputation of the machine distributor and the software developer is TOP notch.

Many users are happy with the Cricut but I have to say, Just don't do it. Honestly, if I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have purchased it.There are other cutters that cost a little more up front but in the long run will be less than the Cricut. The Cricut is limited to the art work on the cartridges, so you may find you have to spend $16-$49.00 or more for a cartridge and only use a couple of images. If you look at some of the other software available, you'll see the Design Studio is lacking. I recently completed an order of 32 custom designed shirts with Heat Transfer Vinyl, a screen printed fraternity/greek design, designed a memorial decal, vinyled a beverage dispenser and etch some water bottles and mugs. I could not design any of these using the images or fonts from the Cricut cartridges. because they don't exist.

I hope I don't offend anyone.

I am also going to admit that I am truly biased against Provo Craft and the Cricut eventhough I have 2. If you want design freedom choose a different machine, especially if you want to branch into rhinestones or heat transfer vinyl.

Here's something to think about

I personally am not offended in the least, this is what I keep looking for. I have tried several times to search and decide on a cutting system. And I always run into a huge wall and get a huge headache and decide I will look more another day.

I don't mind if I pay more up front, I would prefer to pay more for a machine and have it do what I want and not have to buy another machine and another and have to find the space for all of them and have more invested in the long run.

I want a machine that can cut fabric and felts (doubt I will get into vinyl but you never know!). I don't really care if it cuts paper, it might get used for school projects but that is about it. I want options, I don't want to have to pay a lot for each new design, and I do want to be able to do my own designs. BUT I don't want to have to come up with all my own designs I would like to be able to have a wide assortment of designs available for purchase also. And I would definately prefer a machine that works from downloaded designs and not have to keep track of a bunch of cartridges. Does such a thing exist? I don't know, but I sure hope so!

I would love to hear from the people here that have purchased the more expensive machines. I have tried looking at retail sites but most machines I find are advertised more as scrapbooking machines and really don't give good info on how they work with fabrics and felt.
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