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Default Re: I will be grateful for ANY advise!

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Very good advice. You need that tall skinny "X" vs the small fat "X". I normally use about 24" of ribbon to work with. If you can get your hands on some Schiff or Offray brand ribbon then it may be easier for you to work with as that brand has stiffer ribbon. Yama (HBC) and UB are softer and can be harder for a beginner to mess with. It is cheaper but until you can master this bow I would recommend using the first two that I mentioned.
I cannot get my bows to look fabulous with longer ribbon. I always use 22" for my 7/8 That is smaller than everyone recommends but my bows look so much better done with that length. So you might try experimenting with different lengths to see which one works best for you and your ribbon. I mostly use UB so maybe that's why I like the shorter better!
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