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Default Re: Trying to make an applique tshirt

Originally Posted by prettypiggysboutique View Post
Iron on the wonder-under then iron on the M to the shirt. Turn the shirt inside out and apply some iron-on interfacing. Doesn't have to be thick, just something to keep the knit fabric from stretching while you are sewing it. Put it on the machine and sew it! If you don't want to do a tight zig-zag, satin stitch, then play around with it. When I do my appliques not on my embroidery machine I like to do a regular running stitch about 1/4 around the applique and then make the zig-zag up a wide stitch and stitch the outside with it. Or the blanket stitch always looks cute too! Or you can just do the running stitch and fray the edges of the letter.
I just read this to my mom and she said this all makes perfect sense!! Thanks so much!!
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