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Default Re: Would investing in some lighting improve these pics?

Thanks for all your advice ladies ! For some reason when I uploaded these here, they came out quite a bit 'blurrier' than the originals. But that being said, even the originals are not quite as 'crisp' as I would like them to be. I do really need to play around more with shutter speed and aperture - Right now I'm just using iphoto for editing - I really need to start using photoshop since I can really only do the basics with iphoto...I'm just so used to using it that I've been too lazy to change over lol!

I do love the natural light, but wasn't sure if there was a light set-up that would work well with using the natural light since it can be hit or miss what kind of light I have on any given day. What I really need to do is get my lazy behind into some photography classes since I seem to spend so much time taking pictures for the shop lol!
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