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Default Re: What bow is this?

Originally Posted by mmfinn View Post
I will have to find a link for you. I know how to do the fold on the template, but not sure I can explain it. I'll try.....

Start with your ribbon end at the bottom right of the template. At an angle, pull it up to the middle left side. Pull it around the back and over the front right side, and then down an angle to the left corner. It should look like an X in front. Now pull the ribbon behind the template and along the bottom edge, pull around to the front of the right side and then angle back up to the left middle side. You should have a covered up tail (if you cut it short, you will not see it) and then you will have the tail that hangs in front. You should have an X in the front and two horizontal strips in the back.

Does this make sense?
I *think* I understand. This is a sloppy first try and a picture with my phone but is it something like what youre supposed to get with that method?

Thanks so much for your help!
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