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Default Re: point and shoot?

Originally Posted by fancyschmancybyjeni View Post
Cord found; toddler was innocent. LOL!

Ok, here's a pic of a wreath in my home that I took in really bad light which will give a dramatic effect. The second pic was adjusted with curves. You just grab the line and pull it until you like the effect.

Note: sometimes you can achieve the same effect with curves as with contrast and brightness, but not always & curves do so much more. I have found much better results this way.

Best of luck to you!!
wow! now I know what you mean.. I've always used the contrast setting and never the curves.. quite honest I had no idea what it I have to organize my very messy craft room today I moved to my basement way bigger but as soon as I finish I'll snap a pic and show it to you to see how I'm doing if you don't mind.

thank you so much Jen you've been awesome !!
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