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Default Re: What bow is this?

Originally Posted by SweetCheek View Post
It looks like a twisted with no or little twist. KWIM? So, I dont know how you make your twisted, but I just leave them long on the front instead of trimming. I know that totally doesnt answer your question. If you use the figure 8, (I dont) Im not sure how you would make a tail at all. I use a template or the wrap around, spread apart (terrible at explaining) so I always have a tail in front.

I am SO not making sense. Im sorry.

It made perfect sense to me! I am actually going to try it out.

I used to make this really hideous freehand no real name to it bow and they sold like crazy, but they were ugly and uneven, which I learned when I joined here. So I worked and learned to make a pretty nice even TBB, and you know what? I sell more of the leftover ugly uneven bows, (DH told me they would sell better than the TBB, I knew he was wrong so I took them knowing they wouldn't sell and I would be proved right, sigh, didn't work out that way) So I need to learn how to make a bow more like the ones in the link, so I am going to non twist my tbbs and see how that goes!
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