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Default Re: point and shoot?

Originally Posted by fancyschmancybyjeni View Post
Unfortunately, my toddler walked off with the cord to my camera some time today and so I can't show you right now, BUT I will try to get her to show me where she hid it on Monday. I'm lucky that I found the camera in one of my cupboards!! Cute little stinker...
lol.. my son loves to take my cords and play hide n seek with them too.. and when I ask him where it is he says it's my turn to look for them..

Originally Posted by Libby77 View Post
I would suggest learning your camera. Don't think about how you are going to post process an image, think about how you take a better picture. I would read how to change your camera setting to take in manual. Learn about ISO and Shutter Speed.

You can take great pics with a point and shoot and have a very small amount of post processing. Getting a different camera does not mean you will autimatically get better images if you don't know how to work you camera.

When I started in photography, I bought a Canon Rebel it was the only rebel Canon had out at that time I paid 1200.00. I did research and was able to produce a great image with very little post processing. When I thought I was ready to upgrade I purchased a Canon 50d. Purchase price was close to 3000.00. I was wanting to become a professional photographer. My pictures were so much better on my Canon Rebel. I did not like my new camera at all. I know that neither one of these cameras are point and shoots but I think you can get great pictures with a point and shoot if you learn about it.
I get what you're saying. I take everything in auto cause every time I move something on my camera my pics looks even more I have my manual and have done research but I can't get my camera to give me the clear pics I see with other P&S kwim?

Originally Posted by Libby77 View Post
I am sure you saw this post, but these are good and taken with a p&s
I saw this post really nice pics..
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