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Default Re: My 1st of these...

Originally Posted by *Tu-Tu* Cute Hair Bows View Post
um i just want you to know that i was NOT be nasty or rude towards you I was giving you some great advice this bow is not as well made as your other ones (the last two pics on your other thread) you need to work on them before you start selling them that way you will not lose customers, I would say that to anyone a senior member or not but i can be nasty about the bow if you want me to, but i was honestly trying to help you


Woh! I am not trying to get off on the wrong start O_o I never said anyone was being nasty to me! I never even mentioned it on this post until mentioned to me. I want to become a better bow maker and am here to learn and bring things to the table that will help as well. I enjoy reading threads and if I ever feel someone is being nasty to just be nasty I will be the 1st to say something on my behalf. I am a true believer if you dont have anything nice to say or constructive at that dont say anything at all, there is probably some1 else out there that has better help at time. I personally was looking for help as in dont use that technique or this is the order they go in work more on this...not stick to your other style. Im sure every1 had a 1st crappy bow and worked up from that of course with practice.

Thats where I am coming from.
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