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Default Re: My 1st of these...

Originally Posted by sewsewdiane View Post
the purple and i see no point in the yellow bow with in might go under i cant tell if you already have one as your base.

some people might seem catty but you really need to let it go.
and fyi i can be one of those catty people.... but it doesnt mean we wont help those who really try
another using 1.5 for the base and used the yellow bow (which is extra and useless O_o ) and the 7/8 for the top bow and of course 3/8 onthe surrounds is it okay to use 5/8 aswell like try 5/8 and then another with 3/8...and should spikes always be 7/8 and 1.5 or best as 7/8? in this one i used 5/8
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