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Default How to make... a blog?

I see under some members names posts then blog entries.

I am curious, how do I do blog entries? And is it okay to do blog entries here or should I really go find a blog site?

Here is why I ask. I tend to like to type, and I often want to say something but I hate to take up space and start a new thread to say my misc. nonsense. But I like to type, and typically it is kinda entertaining (well for some people at least!) So I am thinking if I can do blog entries as opposed to starting new threads I may share some of my odd, weird, unusual, funny, thoughts or ideas, and not feel like I am taking up precious forum space.

I don't know a lot about blogs, or really understand the purpose. I don't have tutorials to share, or great new ideas, it is more like an overview of what fun (HA! more like the challanges) it is to start a home based bow business. Maybe no one would read it, but I would at least get all of these words out of my head and think a bit straighter, and usually I get to see the funny side of it as I type instead of just the agony.

How to do it? Do you think I should? Do you think I am just plain insane (my children do, so it is okay if you do too!)? Is it just another way to waste forum space? Any thoughts, opinions, ideas etc. are welcome!
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