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Originally Posted by kassib View Post
I'm glad you asked this! I've been curious about using the tape on them.. it seems easier, but I didn't know how well it would hold up.
I partially line my clips, because I feel like when they are fully lined it gets caught in hair and rip out pieces of hair. That has been my experience with them, but I'm thinking from when I would buy bows from target.. and their were fully lined. It always ripped out my daughter's hair, and I've heard other friends of mine say the same thing. Plus, I think they go in the hair easier.. like if a girl's hair is in a pony tail, and you try to put it in, I feel that the ribbon gets in the way. I also glue mine, but I'm interested to see if anyone has good experience using the tape/adhesive.
I'm glad I'm not the only one with these questions! I partially line then put grips on most of them. Even on the ones I wear cause I feel like they stay better that way. But I make my own grips!
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