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Default Re: point and shoot?

Originally Posted by kumakasanx3 View Post
I had a P&S and then upgraded to a Cannon Rebel, sometimes you can tweak in PS and it still won't look right, that's what I used to do, but if you take a really good photo there is less editing to do and one saves time. I also had a light box, I found a good tut online and made one, but after upgrading my camera I no longer need it, or the light tent which I think I'm going to destash. I do have photography lights but that's for indoor shots. Like the two attached to this message.

This image was taken with my Cannon Rebel here
and this one too and I really didn't have to edit, just crop, which saves me time adjusting levels etc...

Plus I love my camera for family & outdoor photos. I'm actually getting a macro lens this weekend, because for some of my products I need a better depth of field and really want to get in close. If you can afford to upgrade do it, good quality images sell your products faster.
wow those pics are nice, sharp, and very clear. thanks for the info I love your shop very clean..

I'm still debating on what I should do next but I'm taking well writing the info down to try and see which one works better for my budget right thank you!
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