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Default Re: point and shoot?

Originally Posted by missdana1105 View Post
Awww thank you! I am so proud of my lil shop right now, I recently changed business names and dropped my dead beat partner (sil) and things are going better than I expected.

I made my light box from the tutorial that is in the picture section on here. I just took the biggest square box I had (sometimes I wish it was bigger) and put tissue paper on it. At first I had a hard time with the paper ripping when I would move the box, I am considering using some type of muslin fabric but I dunno.

Purples are REALLY hard to get right, I can't adjust the white balance on my camera, they just have the different predetermined settings. I have a Kodak Easy Share 10 megapixel camera that I paid $100 for like 3 years ago.

Some pictures I have to tweak and edit a little bit more than others, I hate taking pictures of white items because I usually have a white background and its hard to make it stand out.

Anyways, sorry about the rambling, I'm at work but would love to share some before's and after's when I can get to them on my regular computer.

I believe you can download a 30 day trail of Photoshop Elements so you can get a feel for it. I got a special and only paid $80, not too bad, I still want to upgrade to CS5 but I don't have that much money to shell out.
thank you Dana.. I heard about your partner.. I wanted my sister to partner with me... I just needed her money I was going to do all the work but she said no so I'm slowly building my stash of supplies.. I like flying solo though.. I do what I want when I I'm gonna check out Elements and see if it's "Karyna" yes please when u get a chance I'd love to see a before n after.. I have a few more flowers to make for my bil's mom but when I'm done with it I'll take a pic, edit it n show you to see how it looks., I think some of my pics are way to over edited and some need editing but that could just be me looking at it like

I made my own lightbox out of the same thread too, I think I need 1 more light I only have 2.. you know that means? a trip to my fav store.. Home u know I was looking at a diy photography site and they have one made out fabric and pvc I think I'll be doing that.. thanks again

Originally Posted by fancyschmancybyjeni View Post
I use in door light. I have a couple of rooms in my home that get good light and so I open the windows, make certain that I don't have direct sunlight and shoot away.

Here's a tip that is very helpful I found while editing: instead of adjusting your brightness/ contrast, adjust your "curves" (located under the "color" section of Gimp). Made a HUGE difference for me, hope it helps you as well!
I have a huge window in my living room that gets really good light I never though about taking advantage of it dummy I'll have to try that. I just started looking at the gimp tutorials on yt but I think I know what you're talking about. I ask Dana to show me a before and after shot using elements can you share one using gimp please.. I appreciate all the help I can get .. I can do one with elements and one with gimp well 1st I gotta download elements (trial) and then I'll be to do both of for your help Jen!
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