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Default Re: point and shoot?

Originally Posted by QueenBow View Post
I use point and shoot. I throw everything in a box and bring it outside with a white piece of paper. I just sit in the driveway and shoot away. I use picnik to edit.
thank you.. I'll have to try it outside with the paper..

Originally Posted by missdana1105 View Post
I use a point and shot and a light box with 3 lights (all day lightbulbs). I do my editing in Photoshop Elements. I eventually want to upgrade but for just product shots I am happy.

Here is the link to my shop
Dana I officially envy you..good envy of course.. awesome shop and pics.. I was thinking of getting the elements.. I think I'm now convinced..

I'm having a hard time with the purples and this one is beautiful..

did u buy the box or did you make it? if you don't mind can u show me one of your before and afters please..I'd really appreciated..

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