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Default Re: HOW To Ideas: Line Crochet Tops and Dresses

Originally Posted by Dede View Post
What about knit interfacing? It's fusible, so not quite sure how you would iron it on, but it exists.
Looked up. I had seen pellon (or however you spell it) used in the past but now I can't remember the application. I would love to see it again.
I think it's gonna be a late night with popcorn and google/videos this evening. I wanna see what it'll be like.
maybe a run to the store tomorrow to see.
Interested to see how the outer part of the crochet looks if the fusible part is in there. I don't want it peeking out.
One day I will find the solution that fits my interest here. This week hopefully LOL. Will post pics or info on how this works out.
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